2024 - 2025 Fall Registration Information

Priority Registration for our 2024-25 dance season will be held online through Compudance starting June 5th at 12pm for our current registered students only and June 10th at 12pm registration will open for all other dancers.

Please make sure to sign up early to assure your dancers a place in class. Many classes will fill quickly and close out.

  • The registration fee is a non-refundable $35 PER family.
  • Your dancer received a class recommendation form this week, please make sure to sign up for the correct class level. If your dancer was not in class please email us for the class recommendation.
  • You are required to pay ½ of the June 2025 tuition after registering for a class. Your registration fee and ½ June tuition will be invoiced manually AFTER you register.  Your payment will be required to hold your dancers’ place in class, but it may take a week or two for us to invoice you.
  • If you have a card on file: Your credit card will be automatically charged the registration fee and the ½ June 2025 payment.
  • If your card is not in the system: You will be invoiced and sent an email – please then make the payment manually in Compudance or bring your payment to the studio.  Your payment is what will hold your dancers spot.
** IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ON REGISTERING, PLEASE LET US KNOW.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHICH LEVEL CLASS YOUR DANCER SHOULD BE IN, PLEASE CHECK WITH US BEFORE SIGNING UP.  We will change their class in the system and inform you if you registered them in the wrong class.
(Click Here for Full Registration Information)

Click on one of the buttons to go directly to Compudance to Register:

Parent App:

Compudance App

This is an app that is available for your phone.  You will find it in the app store under “Compudance Portal.”  This allows you to add classes and make payments.  (From what I have been told it was a very easy process last year and they have updated the app.  If you have the old app, you may want to delete it and download the new one).

Compudance Membership Fee

If using a credit card for monthly payment/withdrawal, it is mandatory to register for membership on Compudance.  It is a minimal fee of $10 for the year (the date begins on the date you register – you will need to re-new at the end of your year).

To begin registration, choose one of the following:
  1. Go to compudance.com, if you have not paid the $10 Compudance membership fee you will need to do that to continue using Compudance throughout the season.
  2. Use the Compudance/DE app or
  3. Go to our website at deeaston.com. On the website, go to the “Students/Parents” tab and hit “Registration.”
  4. Click onExisting Dancers”.  

**Your login is your email address on file that you received this email from.  Your password is either one you set up or is the default password. If you do not remember your password, use the “Forgot Password” link. You must enter your email address and cell phone number on file (do not use dashes with cell phone number). You will receive a verification code, which you will enter and then you can reset your password.

Once logged in Under Account Settings

  • Change your password and click Reset.
  • Edit the Login Information to update your cell phone number and provider.
  • (Gives access to the Forgot Password feature and to receive text messages from the studio)


  1. Updated your Cell phone number – with area code (do not enter any dashes or parentheses)
  2. Updated your Cell Phone Provider



  • Go to “Enroll in Class.”
  • Select your season – FALL 2024
  • Find your desired class(es) and click the check box after the class name to select it.
  • Check off all classes before hitting the register button.
    • A box will pop up confirming your choices.
    • Hit yes if they are correct or no if you need to make a change.
Enter Payment Detail for Autopay (optional):
  • If you currently have a credit card on file (credit card that was charged each month automatically) – and that information is up-to-date – there is no need for you to enter anything here – it will remain the same card information.
  • You will need to pay the $10 compudance membership fee in order to continue using a credit card online.
  • If your account information has changed:
    • Click “Edit” and enter the new information, then Click “Update.”
    • Your account will automatically be charged on the invoice due date.
  • Your registration fee and ½ June 2025 payment will automatically come out from your credit card once we invoice you after registering.  It may take us a couple weeks to invoice and charge you.