2023-2024 Monthly Tuition Fees, Policies & Procedures

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Thank you for choosing Dance Express and trusting us with your child’s dance education.  We look forward to working with your dancer(s) and hope to instill a passion and love for dance along with having fun in a positive, friendly atmosphere. Please review the below policies and procedures carefully and make sure to check our website deeaston.com for any further information throughout the year.  If you have any questions, you may call us at (508) 238-6101or send us an email to [email protected].


REGISTRATION – A NON-REFUNDABLE $35 Registration Fee Per Family

·       If you are registering as a new student, the system will automatically charge the fee.

·       A charge of ½ MONTH JUNE’S TUITION for June of 2024 is added to your account to secure their spot in class.

·       We will invoice you within a week after registering with the amount and you can pay online with credit card through the parent portal.  If your card is in the system, it will be charged automatically.

·       The ½ June payment is refundable up until January 1st if your dancer withdraws.  After January 1st, it is NOT refundable.


DANCE EXPRESS APP  COMPUDANCE.COM to register or can download the Dance Express app. The PARENT PORTAL is for registration and credit card payments – you must sign up for membership first:

o   Sign up for classes

o   Make tuition, costume Payments (by credit card)

o   $10 Compudance yearly membership fee (renewable each dance year)

§  If you are a returning member and already have a credit card on file, you will automatically be charged the $10 fee

§  Please check to see when your compudance.com membership expires

§  If your credit card is already in the system, please check your credit card’s expiration date



Missed classes due to absence can be made up in a similar level and class if available

·       This must be done within (2) weeks of the missed class

·       There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes



1)     An email or text will be sent out for a cancelled class

2)     A message may also be on our website www.deeaston.com

3)  A post to our Facebook Page – DanceExpressEaston

4)     There will be no adjustment on tuition due to snow days, natural disasters or pandemics

5)     If there are an overabundance of missed classes:

o   3 or more for 1 particular day we will do a make-up class or credit as needed

Cancellation of school due to snow or other weather-related issues does not mean that dance classes will be cancelled. 



1)     We require a 2 week notice of withdrawing from any class.  

2)     The month you withdraw from will need to be paid in full.   

3)     We will refund your ½ June payment at this time if we have received a written request of your withdrawal from class and if you are paid up to date.  

4)     ½ June Payments will not be refunded after January 1st.



10% DISCOUNT given to additional dancer(s) with equal to or lesser tuition value within the same family

·       Required: monthly automatic recurring credit card withdrawal (Master Card or Visa)

·       The $10 Compudance membership fee needs to be paid within the Compudance system to be able to make changes to your credit card during the year

MONTHLY TUITION FEES – Tuition is due on the first lesson day of the month

Any tuition paid after the 15th of the month will be assessed a $5.00 late fee




Tuition is calculated based on the total # of hours of dance they are taking in a week

45-minute class            $55         2-hour 15-min. class    $125      3½-hour class            $170

1-hour class                  $65         2-hour 30-min. class    $130      3-hour 45-min. class  $190

1-hour 15-min. class    $70         2-hour 45-min. class    $140      4-hour class                $210

1½-hour class               $75        3-hour class                  $160      over 4 hours               $245

1-hour 45-min. class     $95        3-hour 15-min. class    $165                

2-hour class                 $110               




1)     Prep: Dance ensemble mandatory (Ballet & Jazz): $145*

*Any additional classes will be based on Non-Competitive class pricing.

2)     Jr & Sr: Dance ensemble mandatory (2 Ballet’s, Jazz, Technique & choreography): $265

3)     Any extra class added for the Jr & Sr. Team will be an unlimited price of: $295

        (FULL COSTUME PRICES: Child sizes: $70; Adult sizes: $75; Ensemble: $85) 

Separate choreography fees will be added for each competition dance Junior & Senior teams participate in


1)     Full year (10% discount if paid by October 1st


2)     Monthly (payments due by the 1st of each month)

3)     Bi-yearly (5% discount see below)

o   2 payments

§  September –January (paid by September 15th)

§  February-June (paid by February 15th

o   You will NOT receive this discount on top of a family discount



There will be a $40 deposit due per costume by October 15th.  Balances must be paid in full by December 30th.

o   Kindergarten classes – 2 costumes

o   Combo classes – costume for each dance they are participating in (ballet, jazz or tap)

o   All other 1 hour or 45-minute class – will have a costume for each dance 

**After December 30th, there will be no refunds of any costumes paid.



A recital fee is required for each dancer participating in the recital. The fee includes:

  • Dress Rehearsal & Performance Fee       – Livestream of Recital 
  • Recital T-Shirt                                               – Digital Download of Recital
  • Recital Pin & Certificate                              – Download of Pictures from Rehearsal & Recital
  • Souvenir Recital Program 


1)     CREDIT CARDS:  MASTER CARD or VISA only – NO Discover or American Express

o   Can be automatically charged for recurring payments to your credit card on the 5th of each month (Sept – May and on June 1st)

o   FAMILY DISCOUNTS must be paid through compudance.com and your credit card through the parent portal

2)     CHECK:  Deposit into drop box inside the studio, given to the person at the desk or mailed to 99 Eastman Street

South Easton, MA 02375.

3)     CASH:  DO NOT drop in the box or mail.  

You must receive a receipt for any cash payments.  

There is not always someone in the office to accept cash payments or to take credit card payments.  Please plan accordingly


Photograph Waiver
I give Dance Express my permission to use photos and videos of my child for any advertisement in brochures, newspaper ads and the studio website or Facebook page.


Liability ReleaseI hereby agree to release Dance Express and hold Dance Express harmless of all liabilities. I hereby acknowledge that I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in dance on behalf of the participant.